Paimio Sanatorium Retreat Rooms

Stay at old patient rooms on the second floor of the Paimio Sanatorium, designed by Alvar and Aino Aalto, that have been renovated into Retreat Rooms.


Mäntylä was completed in 1949 as a staff house for the medical staff. The building is located in the peaceful yard of the sanatorium. Mäntylä has thirteen accommodation apartments, each with its own small kitchen. Three of the apartments are also equipped for accessible accommodation.

Nurses’ House x Artek

Two apartments in the former nurses’ row house of the Paimio Sanatorium have been furnished in collaboration with Artek for accommodation use. The Nurses’ House, Kyykartano, is located in the sanatorium’s yard. The apartments are perfectly suited for longer visits and stays at the Paimio Sanatorium.

Nurses’ House x Hakola

Finnish furniture maker Hakola has colored two of the accommodation apartments at the Nurses’ House in their signature bright hues: the sun-drenched and peach-toned Sicily apartment, or the forest and sky-toned Como apartment.


The 12 rooms in the C-wing of the Nurses’ House is a new, affordable accommodation option, which is ideal for groups such as sports and leisure clubs.


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