Exhibitions at Paimio Sanatorium

Paimio Sanatorium’s exhibition program invites to explore different aspects of the building, its organisation and design, and ways of living in it from the time of its construction through its life of service up to today’s moment of its reinvention. Welcome to our permanent and changing thematical presentations to find new ideas and views about the past, present and future of life at Paimio Sanatorium.


AIR - the art of breathing in the architecture of breathing. The summer exhibition AIR at Paimio Sanatorium spreads out into the stunning pine forest surrounding the sanatorium, the main building, and the dedicated exhibition space. AIR invites viewers to pause and recharge amidst experiential and tranquil contemporary art.

Permanent Exhibitions

Rooms at Paimio Sanatorium is an experiential exhibition about the architecture, furniture and community of the Paimio Sanatorium, as well as the isolated everyday life of the sanatorium

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