Paimio Sanatorium Retreat Rooms

Old patient rooms on the second floor of the Paimio Sanatorium, designed by Alvar and Aino Aalto, have been renovated into Retreat Rooms. The colors and furniture of the rooms follow the atmosphere of the original, simple design. Retreat Rooms are calming spaces that bask in the morning light and overlook the pine forest surrounding the sanatorium.

Part of the room experience is the sanatorium’s original patient beds, which have been paired with high-quality bedding and mattresses from Finnish Villa & Peite.

The room set on the second floor is communal, with shared toilets and showers on the same floor.

The Retreat Rooms offer experiences where architecture, nature, and design engage in dialogue, creating a shelter for human beings.

Twin rooms are available for two friends, measuring 16 m².
Single rooms measure 12 m².


Since the rooms are located in the protected main building of the sanatorium, the Retreat Rooms are available for booking only during limited periods.

This upcoming summer 2024, the Retreat Rooms are available on the following dates:
May 23rd – 25th
May 30th – June 1st
June 13th – 16th
June 27th – 29th
July 11th – 14th
July 18th – 21st
July 25th – 28th
August 8th – 11th
August 15th – 18th
August 22nd – 25th
August 29th – September 1st



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