Stay at Paimio Sanatorium

Staying at Paimio Sanatorium is now possible. Stay amidst a soothing pine forest in the nostalgic nurses dormitory in Mäntylä or in Hakola’s and Artek’s unique apartments. All apartments have their own small kitchen and bathroom. The level of equipment varies from apartment to apartment.

Welcome to enjoy the healing power of nature and silence.


Mäntylä, once a staff dormitory, today accommodates visitors in bright and unique rooms. Each apartment is unique. Some of the rooms have been converted to wheelchair accessible.

Nurses' dormitory x Hakola

In collaboration with Hakola, Paimio Sanatorium has coloured two dormitory accommodation apartments in different shades: you can book either a toasty and peachy Sicily apartment or a Como apartment inspired by forest and sky tones.

Nurses' dormitory x Artek

The design lover can enjoy the apartments co-furnished by Artek’s exhibition furniture. The rooms have earthy colours and materials with pure Scandinavian feeling.

Paimio Sanatorium is celebrating its 90th anniversary!

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