Nurses’ Dormitory x Hakola

The Nurses’ Dormitory building, which still has a contemporary feel, has four accommodation rooms  equipped with our partners’ design furniture.

Hakola has selected the shades of two accommodation rooms at Paimio Sanatorium: the warm and peachy Sicily apartment and the Como apartment with colours of the sky and forest. 

All rooms have their own compact kitchen and bathroom. The level of amenities varies from one unit to another, and each room has its own unique character.


Spring-winter Accommodation Campaign:

Welcome  to stay overnight at the Paimio Sanatorium’s Nurses’ Dormitory x Hakola apartments at a special promotional price of 140€/night.

The promotional benefit is valid for overnight stays between 20 February and 31 March 2024. Use the reservation code KEVAT when searching for rooms, and you will see the promotional prices.


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