CONFERENCE 9.–10.10.2024

Spirit of Paimio Conference 2024

Save the date. The next edition of Spirit of Paimio Conference is set 9.-10.10.2024

After successful inauguration last autumn “Spirit of Paimio” conference is becoming a permanent fixture in the global discourse on architecture. Its annual gatherings foster critical discussions on global design challenges, technology’s role in architecture, and sustainable urban development.

The conference serves as a platform for policy discussions, influencing design standards and practices worldwide. It attracts thought leaders, innovators, and policymakers, both as speakers and participants and shapes global design trends and decision-making.

The theme for this year’s conference and first keynote speakers will be announced soon. Join Sanatorium newsletter for updates about Spirit of Paimio Conference.



The “Spirit of Paimio” conference, held on October 16, 2023, at the Paimio Sanatorium, focused on the architecture of care. This event featured notable speakers like Juhani Pallasmaa, Lyndon Neri, Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Beatrice Galilee, Susanna Pettersson, Otto Lowe, and Kieran Long. It emphasized the Sanatorium’s legacy as a functionalist architectural landmark and a symbol of medical and architectural innovation. The conference aimed to foster a dialogue on empathetic and humane architectural design, reflecting on the Sanatorium’s role in modern architecture.

The keynote speakers, hailing from diverse professional backgrounds, contributed their insights and experiences to the conference’s central theme with generosity and passion, and the result was greatly appreciated by the 200 or so members of the audience.

Discussions at the conference revolved around various interpretations of caring architecture, sharing charming stories, reflections, and projects that align with the practice of care. The conference’s theme, “The Architecture of Taking Care,” was explored from various angles, emphasizing the potential of architecture to be restorative and its role in public care while respecting architectural heritage. This approach was in line with the broader movement in the design community, which emphasizes the need for sustainable, empathetic, and community-centric design practices.


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