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Meet the acclaimed thinkers, doers and visionaries from the field of architecture, art, design and media like Lyndon Neri, Kieran Long, Susanna Pettersson, Otto Lowe and Max Fraser in conversation with Hanna Harris, Chief Design Officer of Helsinki. Conversations build future optimism, adding to it the knowledge and the advocacy of today.

Inspired and thought-provoking conversations search answers to questions like why do we need healing architecture today. Can architecture help us design better future? How cultural institutions can help us to have a common playing field in polarizing public conversations? What is the importance of local communities in preservation? Why will buildings with architecture of hope survive? And why Paimio Sanatorium can be a platform or mothership for creativity and inspiration?

Podcast series origins from the Spirit of Paimio conference and manifestoSpirit of Paimio Podcast is a series of intergenerational and interdisciplinary dialogues and interactions of reflection on architectures role in taking care” bringing Aalto’s design ethos in our time. In the societies of today their  radical synthesis of architecture, nature and research,  their vision and design ethos, is more relevant today than ever before. 

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