Open Call for International Artist Residence at the Paimio Sanatorium

This summer, the Paimio Sanatorium Foundation offers a unique experience for all cultural practitioners.

‘We are offering the makers of the future the opportunity to immerse themselves and their work in the iconic modernist masterpiece, a perfect environment for creative exchange and collaboration,’ says Mirkku Kullberg from the Paimio Sanatorium Foundation.

Paimio Sanatorium’s Summer Residency Program hosts and fosters the creativity of artists from the fields of architecture, design, visual arts, performing arts, music, literature, writing, filmmaking, and curation. Selected creative practitioners are invited to live and work in Paimio Sanatorium for three weeks free of charge.

‘Overall, there are 15 three-week residencies spreading from late May to the end of August,’ Kullberg continues.

Alvar and Aino Aalto’s greatest achievement was to incorporate a distinctly human dimension into their landmark project by bringing their own unique take on the architectural style of the time. Paimio Sanatorium continues to radiate a profound sense of empathy. ‘We hope this will inspire and encourage all the residents during their stay,’ Kullberg says.

During residency, residency diaries are published on the Sanatorium’s own media platforms. ‘Residency Diaries are editorial material focusing on the expertise of these talented individuals to gain insights into the latest trends, research, and opinions in their respective fields,’ Kullberg says. The knowledge acquired will be integrated into Foundation’s conferences, creating a dynamic exchange that benefits both the residents and our ongoing initiatives.

Paimio Sanatorium is a radical synthesis of architecture, nature, and research, and it is as relevant today as it was when it was born. The residency program is part of the Paimio Sanatorium’s cultural and education program, which includes summer schools, conferences, and exhibitions.

‘In our Summer Residency Program, just like in everything we do, we are bringing together thinkers and doers, makers and visionaries to collaboratively build unexpected ways to answer emerging questions through radical, practice-based solutions,’ Kullberg concludes.

The Open Call for the artist residencies is on until May 5th.

UPDATE: The open call has been closed, thank you for all the applications. The selection process for the residency program will be finalized by May 15, 2024, and all applicants will contacted.

Photo: (c) Aalto Family collection.
Alvar Aalto, the Calders, and the Sweeneys with their daughter Sandra at the Calders’ in Paris in 1937.


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