Examples of packages for groups and companies

Paimio Sanatorium offers a wealth of meeting, event and celebration facilities for groups of different sizes.

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Examples of packages for groups and companies

Groups and companies

Half a day at the sanatorium meeting package from €44/person.
Meeting spaces, lunch and afternoon coffee from 5 to 250 people.
Discounts on guided tours when combined with a meeting.

Societies and organisations

Guided tour and afternoon coffee from €19/person.
Visits individually tailored to your group.

Sports and leisure clubs
A night at the sanatorium from €40/person.
Accommodation in 2-bed dormitories including a breakfast bag.
Discounts on guided tours for overnight guests.


Accommodation in the heart of a pine forest
At the Paimio Sanatorium, you can stay in the nostalgic former nurses’ dormitory of Mäntylä or the Nurses’ House, where Hakola and Artek have decorated unique apartments for design enthusiasts. The 12 new, affordable dormitory rooms in the C-wing of the Nurses’ House are an ideal accommodation option for groups such as sports and leisure clubs.

A former staff dormitory with bright and unique apartments, including some wheelchair accessible rooms. Beds for 33 people, extra beds available.

Nurses’ House x Hakola
2 design apartments for 4 people.

Nurses’ House x Artek
2 design apartments for 4 people.

Nurses’ House, dormitories
Beds for 24 people in 12 rooms.

Learn more about the accommodation options here.


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