Josefina Nelimarkka’s forest installation Atmospheric Un/knowing

Josefina Nelimarkka’s forest installation Atmospheric Un/knowing invites viewers to a meditative walk and performative reading in the forest – to stop and experience nature again.

It all started with a walk. “I wanted to create an experience, a space that moves and where you are physically involved and at the same time you can observe the interactions of the environment in a new way,” says Josefina.

“I pondered for a long time whether it’s right to take anything into the forest, because the forest is perfect in itself.” The subtle, transparent materiality of the work was born from this reflection. “In the background of my work are also present the central questions related to air, invisibility and clouds.”

Josefina Nelimarkka is a multidisciplinary artist who works with environmental issues and experientiality. In her installations, which are connected to weather, water and air, she investigates natural phenomena and their perception by combining art with scientific research.

Atmospheric Un/knowing connects carefully selected places in the pine forest surrounding the sanatorium, with the transparent writings that hide and reveal themselves as you walk along the path.

“The work encourages observation and reflection on aspects related to our environment,” Nelimarkka continues.

Atmospheric Un/knowing is part of the AIR Exhibition, on show during the Paimio Summer ensemble that is open until September.


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