Private tour

We are happy to tailor personalized guided tour for individuals or groups on your preferred date and time. Tour contents can, for example, be focused on the Sanatorium’s architecture, history and living or the building’s structure. The tour can also be like a retreat – but a peaceful walk through the Sanatorium’s hallways and spaces. Please contact us to learn more about themes and special tour guides.

Tailored tours are offered in Finnish, Swedish and English. Other languages are available on request.

The tailored tour fee is 25 € per person (15 € reduced) + guide fee.  Guide fee is 80€ on weekdays, 120€ on Saturdays and 140€ on Sundays and on public holidays.

We reserve one guide for up to 25 people. Price includes access to Rooms at Paimio Exhibition.

Please contact our sales for more information!

sales@paimionparantola.fi, +358 41 318 44 31


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