Free Art School: Another Reality

A group exhibition by the 2nd and 3rd year students of the Free Art School.

First and foremost, the name of the exhibition describes the unique architecture and history of the Paimio Sanatorium. In a way, the sanatorium itself, with its patient rooms and intriguing colours, represents ‘another reality’. Additionally, the fact that the building formerly served as a tuberculosis sanatorium adds a peculiar element to the atmosphere within. On the other hand, the idea of another reality can also refer to the way art opens up a new world to its viewer, an alternative world not bound by the same rules as everyday life. Finally, the name could reflect the private aspect of our existence, the inner reality that defines each of our identities and makes us unique – and which ultimately lends meaning to the act of creating art.

The exhibition features works from thirteen students of the Free Art School. These paintings have been specifically created with the spaces and surroundings of the Paimio Sanatorium in mind, yet from the individual perspectives of each artist. The exhibition does not adhere to any strictly binding theme.

Free Art School, established in 1935, is a private art school based at the Cable Factory in Helsinki. Focused on painting, Free Art School offers a four-year, full-time study programme for aspiring professional painters.

Artists: Moona Aho, Mikko Haiko, Vappu Holma, Pinja Kanon, Alexander Keyriläinen, Marika Maijala, Kaisa Nykänen, Eevi Oittinen, Maria Rasinkangas, Aaron Sirainen, Aino Suikkanen, Gloria Velasco, and Mirja Väyrynen.

Artist Antti Oikarinen has been the supervising teacher of the exhibition project.

Combined ticket to all exhibitions 10 €, free admission for children under 7 years.
With  a guided tour ticket, 5 €


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