Wet plate collodion portrait studio

Atelje Marko Rantanen will open a one day portrait studio at the Paimio sanatorium on July 20th.

Wet plate collodion is a photography method developed in 1851. The image is prepared and exposed on a metal plate. All steps from preparing the plate to finalising the image are hand made and will take place on site. Total duration for one portrait requires approximately one hour.

The portrait studio is open from 10:00 to 18:00 without an appointment. The price for one picture is €60 and paid on site directly to the artist.

Marko Rantanen is Helsinki and Kantele based photographer and artist, known for his portraiture, landscapes and brand collaborations. Marko has mastered an extensive range of techniques over his career that spans over two decades. Marko has a unique approach to each project and sees photography as a life long learning process.


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