Pilates Workshop July 2024 – SOLD OUT

Paimio Sanatorium is to offer holistic experience for mind and body in July. Pilates workshop by Laura Sarvilinna will fully utilise the unique setting by Alvar and Aino as a destination for wellbeing. 

Pilates Workshop in Paimio Sanatorium offers holistic well-being for mind and body. In the two-day Pilates Workshop modern Pilates and the Garuda methods will be explored including a lot of mobility exercises. The classes will go through the whole body and the exercises will be applied as needed depending on the background of the individual participant. Participants can come as beginners, those already familiar with the methods and advanced Pilates enthusiasts. The classes are designed to support each other and work as a complete set, utilising for example mat, pilates balls, weights and chairs. Many of the movements will also be done standing.

Classes can be held in Finnish, English and Swedish as required.

The workshop is instructed by Laura Sarvilinna who is a STOTT PILATES® Trained Instructor as well as Total Barre® instructor. She has also education in Garuda® Foundation Matwork.

Welcome to a tranquil summer retreat; stay at the sanatorium and enjoy pilates workshops during two days.




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