Visit Paimio Sanatorium

Step into the fascinating masterpiece of functionalism by Aino and Alvar Aalto. The Paimio sanatorium (1929-1933), which was built with the principles of humane modernisim, is perhaps the world’s best-known Finnish building. The warm atmosphere and characteristic feel of the place has carried the sanatorium through decades of change. The building and its surrounding nature has been designed to be a healing element in itself.

You can visit the Sanatorium by taking part in the tours and visiting the exhibitions. The outside can be explored freely or by following the Architectural path organized around the building. There is also a cultural path that takes you to the surrounding pine forest which is an integral part of the complex. During the visiting hours there is also a Canteen Café at your service.

Opening hours

Saturday 11-17

Sunday 11-17

Open again 29th of January


Private tours available from 18th of January

This tour is only in Finnish. If you are interested to participate on the tour please contact us


The tour is a brief look at Paimio Sanatorium as an architectural pearl and healing instrument. Includes a quick visit to the roof terrace. The tour lasts about 30 minutes. After the tour, you can explore Sanatorium Rooms exhibition.


Free admission.

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Private tour (60 min) of Paimio Sanatorium takes you along the yellow stairs of the sanatorium up to the sun terrace. During the tour you can also visit different rooms of the building. We offer tailormade tours where you can choose the theme and prefered schedule. Afterwards, you can explore the Rooms at the Paimio Sanatorium -exhibition (+30min) and the original 1930s and later 1970s hospital rooms on the first floor.


80 € guide fee, Non-discount full price of this tour is 25 €.



COVID-19 certificate is required.

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During the 60-minute guided tour, you can explore the architecture and desing of Paimio sanatorium from both inside and outdoors. You will hear stories of the long and gradual history of patients and employees in the sanatorium. We also visit the roof terrace, which is only accessible during the guided tours. On our way to first floor, we will visit the ward nurses’ stairwell, where the first scenic lift of the Nordic countries is located. Along the stairwell we arrive to Sanatorium Rooms – exhibition. The rooms have different themes which enrich the contents of the guided tour. You can also explore patients rooms from the 30’s and 70’s in their original condition. We recommend reserving at least 30 minutes to explore the exhibition. You don’t want to miss out this experience!


Non-discount full price of this tour is 25 €.

+358 413184431

The tour is a brief look at Paimio Sanatorium as an architectural pearl and healing instrument. Includes a quick visit to the roof terrace. The tour lasts about 30 minutes. After the tour, you can explore Sanatorium Rooms exhibition.


Non-discount full price of this tour is 15 €.

+358 413184431

The Rooms at Paimio sanatorium is an experiential exhibition about the architecture, design, community and isolated everyday life. During your visit you can experience the horizontal point of view of the patient, sit back and relax on the Paimio chair and test the silent wash basin by Alvar Aalto. In the exhibition you can familiarize with Aino and Alvar Aaltos thinking process of the architecture and co-operation with other professionals. Admire the beautiful colors of the sanatorium.


The cost is 8€ , 5€ with discount. It is recommended to reserve at least 30 minutes to your visit. There is also an exhibition at the entrance hall which works as an introduction to the building. This part is free of charge.

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The building is very special also from outside. You can explore the exterior freely or make a tour around it by following the Architectural path which gives you extra information and fun facts about the building. It is marked by flags with QR codes.

The surrounding pine forrest is also an essential part of the Sanatorium complex. The Paimio Sanatorium nature trail (2,2km) starts from the Chief Physician’s apartment, close to the parking lot of the current Preitilä kindergarten. The trail takes the visitor to the sanatorium’s fairytale forest, where a clear-water creek is bubbling amidst mossy rocks. The path passes a small pumping station designed by Alvar Aalto. The pumping station is still in operation and still provides irrigation water for the sanatorium garden.


Visitors should note that, there is one difficult section on the way, right after the pumping station sign. A campfire place is along the trail. Firewood is not available on behalf of the sanatorium.


In addition, there is a shorter, one-kilometer (1 km) version of the Sanatorium Trail.  The trail is open for customers on our opening hours. 


Passers-by are asked to take the covid-19 situation into account in encounters as well as to maintain safety clearances in the shed.

Paimio Sanatorium

Alvar Aallon tie 275

21540 Preitilä


Near the main entrance there are two parking areas where visitors can park freely. Buses have designated parking area. 


Accessible entrance is located behind the main building. Driving in front of main entrance is allowed. Guided tours are accessible.


Trip to Paimio Sanatorium using local buses from Turku Market Square takes about an hour.

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Matkahuolto – Reittiopas

Arriving from direction of Helsinki buses stop at National road 1 (E18) connection 11. (Bus stop: Paimio th L). Distance from bus stop to Paimio Sanatorium is about 5 kilometres, which can be travelled by taxi. (Taxidata 0200 10041).