Towards anew – Sanatorium’s 2023

“In 2023 the Sanatorium celebrated 90th anniversary and turned towards new direction”, Mirkku Kullberg CEO of Paimio Sanatorium Foundation says. ”Tasked with taking care of this exceptional site, our role is not only as agents of preservation.”

Spirit of Paimio Conference

The first edition of the Spirit of Paimio Conference, held on October 16 2023, not only revisited the site’s historical significance but also to fostered modern discussions around its foundational principles.

Joseph Grima appointed as curator at the Paimio Sanatorium Foundation

Joseph Grima

Paimio Sanatorium Foundation sees the future of the site as a unique and uniquely powerful instrument for the development of strategies and solutions on a societal scale. It presents equally valuable possibilities as a scale that transcends individual treatment and looks towards the relationship between individuals, communities and societies. In order to realise this potential, the Foundation announces the appointment a Curator to implement its bold vision for the Sanatorium’s future. 

Filaments of Image and Space Exhibition

Filaments of Image and Space exhibition is open at the Sanatorium during summer 2023. The exhibition reflects the multi-layered and multi-threaded heritage of contemporary art, which also inspired Alvar Aalto in his time.


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