Spirit of Paimio Conference

The first edition of the Spirit of Paimio Conference, held on October 16 2023, not only revisited the site’s historical significance but also to fostered modern discussions around its foundational principles.

Discussions for Emerging New Worlds

What do we mean when we talk about a destination? And how does a place become a destination? These and many more questions were tackled at the seminar organised by the Paimio Sanatorium on June 9th, second in a series of seminars titled “Discussions for Emerging New Worlds”.

The Architecture of Empathy

Can a building spark joy? Paimio Sanatorium – originally designed by young Finnish architects Aino and Alvar Aalto in 1929-1933 – offers an inspiring journey into a functionalist landmark of wellbeing well ahead of its time. 

Become a friend

In summer 2018, an open, online questionnaire survey was conducted for new nominations to be world heritage sites, which were considered in 2019 by a workgroup set up by the Finnish Heritage Agency. At the same time, they assessed the potential of these sites for meeting the criteria for Outstanding Universal Values, OUV – a prerequisite for inclusion in the World Heritage List.


At the request of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Finnish Heritage Agency has produced a proposal for the tentative list, “Alvar Aalto’s humane, modern architecture”, which has been created in close collaboration with experts from the Alvar Aalto Foundation and ICOMOS Finland.


In the first phase, the proposal will consist of 13 modern Finnish buildings or districts designed by Alvar Aalto’s architect’s office, which form a coherent whole that, according to the experts’ assessment, has a chance of inclusion in the World Heritage List.

Filaments of Image and Space Exhibition

Filaments of Image and Space exhibition is open at the Sanatorium during summer 2023. The exhibition reflects the multi-layered and multi-threaded heritage of contemporary art, which also inspired Alvar Aalto in his time.

Human Perspective Exhibition at Pikku-Finlandia

To celebrate their 90th anniversaries, the Paimio Sanatorium Foundation and Grafia, the Association of Visual Communication Designers in Finland, together with Finnish Design Shop and so_helsinki, organized a poster competition for visual communication professionals and students.


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