Warmly welcome to visit Alvar and Aino Aalto's architectural masterpiece.

Paimio Sanatorium is a key site of architecture, furniture design and innovation in Finland. It is also one of the most internationally renowned and significant Finnish buildings.

The Sanatorium represents humane architecture of well-being, a philosophy that continues to this day.

Spirit of Paimio

A platform for thinking, learning and doing.

Spirit of Paimio builds with optimism on Aalto’s heritage of future-making, his radical synthesis of architecture, nature and research, adding to it the knowledge, the networks, and the advocacy of today.

Latest news

This year’s Spirit of Paimio conference will centre on the theme of Reimagining Community, highlighting the power of communities and togetherness. Building on the theme, the two day event on October 9-10 will have dialogues in addition to the keynote speeches, as part of the official programme.


This summer, the Paimio Sanatorium Foundation offers a unique experience for artists from various fields through an international program. Now it’s time to meet our first summer residents, the class of June.
"If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere." Aalto’s firs exhibition at MoMA was manifestation of modern movement on it’s pre-war peak.
Two titans from the world of art and architecture talk about the urgency of animal architecture and rootedness in architecture and for humans, and choreography and cinematic features in Alvar Aalto’s work. Conversation was held in first Spirit of Paimio Conference in 2023.
In the darkest times of history Alvar Aalto found home for his optimism and humanism, but also next phase in his practice in America.
Lyndon Neri talks about toleration of disharmony, nostalgia as architectural practice and reflective nostalgia as new way of preserving in Spirit of Paimio 2023 Conference.
What do we mean when we talk about a destination? And how does a place become a destination? These and many more questions were tackled at the seminar organised by the Paimio Sanatorium on June 9th, second in a series of seminars titled “Discussions for Emerging New Worlds”.
Can a building spark joy? Paimio Sanatorium – originally designed by young Finnish architects Aino and Alvar Aalto in 1929-1933 – offers an inspiring journey into a functionalist landmark of wellbeing well ahead of its time. 

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