Experience summer 2022 at Paimio Sanatorium

The summer of Paimio Sanatorium is full of hope. Come and enjoy the unique atmosphere with your body and soul. Get to know the pearl of international Functionalist architecture from Alvar and Aino Aalto. Visit boutiques and exhibitions, breath the pure air from nature and spend a calming night among the pine woods. 

Visiting at the Paimio Sanatorium is possible within opening hours. To assure the best experience you should book your tickets for a guided tour upfront. The Sanatorium is an excellent day trip location but now you can also spend your night here. New for the summer is our restaurant, Toivo

The opening hours of Paimio Sanatorium during the summer (from June 1st to August 28th): Tuesdays – Sundays, 11.00 – 19.00.

Guided tours

60-to-90-minute guided tours where you can get to know the Sanatoriums unique architecture, design, history and atmosphere. The famous sundeck is also open for visitations during the tours.

Rooms of the Sanatorium exhibition

The experiential exhibition Rooms of the Sanatorium you can see the daily life of the sanatorium, innovative solutions, and furniture designed for the Sanatorium. You can find the colors of the Sanatorium behind the white walls. Access to the permanent exhibition is included in the admission price. 

Summer exhibition: At the source of Aalto furnishing – The Collection of Pertti Männistö

See the most inclusive private Aalto collection at its birthplace. Exhibition includes unique prototypes in addition of the original furniture from the Sanatorium with fascinating stories. Summer exhibition is included in the admission price.



Summer exhibition: Living Spaces by Elina Brotherus

Elina Brotherus’ photographs from Maison Louis Carré – the only private villa designed by Aalto in France, are displayed in former patient rooms.

Restaurant Toivo

The former ballroom of the Sanatorium has been turned into Restaurant Toivo which serves visitors from Tuesdays to Sundays from 11am to 7pm. You and your group are welcome to enjoy tasty lunch or have a cup of coffee.


Spend your night in the middle of a pine wood forest in the nostalgic nurses’ dormitory. Every apartment is unique and includes a bathroom and a small kitchen. Facilities varies by apartment. 


Stop by our shop while visiting and make purchases in the spirit of Paimio Sanatorium. Selection includes posters, literature and products from our associates. You can find the shop in the Sanatorium lobby.

Summer courses at Paimio Sanatorium

In the month of June, Paimio Sanatorium will host a first set of summer courses that will allow participants with different backgrounds to get hands-on with professionals for exploring the building, design, production and future thinking in fascinating, unexpected ways.  

Outdoor activities

You can find an Architecture pathway circulating the main building. In the surrounding pine woods, there is a cultural nature trail that you can explore on your own and free of charge. Guidance for the Architecture pathway has been executed with QR-codes

Donate for a better tomorrow

Paimio Sanatorium designed by Alvar and Aino Aalto is a pearl of Functionalist architecture which will be brought back to its glory gradually. Honoring its roots the Sanatorium will develop into a unique forum for arts, science and wellbeing. A place where better tomorrow is designed. 

You can participate in preserving the cultural heritage of Paimio Sanatorium for the future generations as a private person or as a community. 


Lotta Mujo

Development manager


There are two parking areas next to the main building where you can park for free. There is a separate parking area for buses. 


You can arrive Paimio Sanatorium easily by car, bus and local buses departing from the Turku city center. Buses from Helsinki stop at the intersection 11 of National Road 1 (E18) bus stop: Paimio th L. Distance between the bus stop and the Sanatorium is approximately 5 kilometers which you can travel by taxi or Paimio’s local buses. (Taxi: 0200 10041) 


Accessible entrance is on the left side of the main building. If needed, you can drive to the front of the main entrance. Guided tours are accesible.