The Spirit of Paimio Conference continues as keynotes are published on our website

Inspired by the iconic Paimio Sanatorium and the profound connection between architecture and care, the Spirit of Paimio Conference brought together enlightened visionaries and thinkers from around the world who generously shared their knowledge and experience. Now their keynotes will be published along with their interviews starting soon.

We didn’t just inherit an architectural masterpiece, we inherited a master class about the importance of architecture as a shaper of the future and as a tool as the Aaltos saw it. Paimio Sanatorium Foundation aims to develop the site into a place that not only honors the Aaltos’ architectural heritage but also serves as a place of convergence and reflection on what needs to be done. As global challenges continue to evolve, such conversations on the role of design in societal health and well-being are becoming increasingly crucial.

The first Spirit of Paimio Conference brought Aalto’s design philosophy to our time and built on it. It’s the first installment of Paimio Sanatorium turning into a platform for doing, learning and thinking, and above all for planning the future by fostering discussions and dialogue around its foundational principles. For the same reasons edited transcriptions and audio interviews will be published once a week and will be available here on our website.

The legacy of Paimio Sanatorium lives on, and its spirit continues to inspire us to redefine “taking care” through design.


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