Workshop and Studio Meetings

The Sanatorium offers an inspiring setting for various creative events. The versatile spaces are suitable for every creative occasion, whether you are planning a workshop, a creative meeting, a weekend retreat or something else. The Sanatorium also offers accommodation for your guests.

Workshop Pajasali
The Workshop was once used as a therapeutic space for patients to learn new skills such as bookbinding and crafts during their extended stays at the Sanatorium. This interesting and versatile room with a sloped ceiling is ideal for hosting meetings and seminars. It also provides a stunning backdrop for atmospheric evening events.

– seminar seating for 120 people
– meeting seating (desk seating) for 100 people
– restaurant seating (rectangular tables for 4) for 80 people

The former staff living quarters have been transformed into the Sanatorium’s multi-purpose Gymnasium. With large windows that create a strong connection to the surrounding pine forest, this serene space is ideal for meetings, workshops, and creative wellness activities.

– seminar seating for 50 people
– meeting seating (I-shaped rectangular tables) for 34 people
– restaurant seating (rectangular table) for 28 people

The space can be combined with the Workshop to organise larger events on the fourth floor.

Cafeteria: Kanttiini
The Cafeteria in the basement of the Sanatorium is a creative haven for group work or informal meetings. Functional round tables and colourful chairs contribute to its bright and relaxed ambience. Thanks to the separate catering area and private entrance, the space is also available for evening and weekend use for private and business visitors.

– meeting seating (round tables) for 16 people
– additional tables with seating for 24 people
– empty space 40 people

Back of the Cafeteria
The windows of the back room of the Cafeteria open directly onto the Sanatorium’s backyard, providing a live tableau of nature that changes in each season. This ground-floor space is perfect for short meetings and small conferences.

– table group + benches for 8–12 people


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