Meetings & Seminars

The main building of the Sanatorium hosts versatile spaces for meetings and seminars. Venue options for meetings and seminars include the airy and bright Library, the multi-purpose Workshop, or a smaller meeting rooms as well as the Dining Hall  and Patient’s Lounger for larger events.

Each space can be easily adapted depending on the nature of the event and the group size.

The Library was originally designed as a quiet reading room for patients. Today it is a bright meeting room bathed in natural light from three directions. This space is attached to the ceiling  with steel cables and features many fascinating architectural details.

Library capacity:
– meeting seating (I-shaped table)   for 30 people
– meeting seating  (desk seating) for 40 people
– restaurant seating (rectangular table) for 24 people
– cocktail reception capacity (standing) 40 people

The Workshop was once used as a therapeutic space for patients to learn new skills such as bookbinding and crafts during their extended stays at the Sanatorium. This interesting and versatile room with a sloped ceiling is ideal for hosting meetings and seminars. It also provides a stunning backdrop for atmospheric evening events.

Workshop capacity:
– seminar seating for 120 people
– meeting seating (desk seating) for 100 people
– restaurant seating (rectangular tables for 4) for 80 people

Second floor meeting room
Light floods into this meeting room, which is sure to leave a lasting impression. It has a view of the ample yard and a unique, multilayered back wall. The room showcases the original building materials and the nuanced colour scheme of the Sanatorium.

– meeting seating (I-shaped table)  for 12 people

Second floor patients’ room
The former patients’ room retains its original colour scheme. Suitable for small group meetings, it also functions as a private workspace.

– meeting seating (oval table) for 6 people

Dining Hall
The spacious Dining Hall with its high windows, colourful awnings, and beautiful light fixtures has played a significant role in the life of the Sanatorium since its early days. In addition to serving as the dining room for patients and staff, it has also hosted a wide variety of family celebrations and entertainment events. The space is also well suited for concerts.

Patients’ Lounge
The Patients’ Lounge, formerly the patients’ common room, offers a view of the pine forest through its large panoramic windows. The attractive room has a fixed fireplace and a movable grand piano.

The Dining Hall and Reception Room can be combined into a single Banquet Hall.

Dining Hall: 200 people
Patients’ Lounge: 50 people
Dining Hall terrace: 70 people

Facilities of the Dining Hall and Patients’ Lounge
– seminar seating for 110 + 36 people = 146 people
– restaurant seating (rectangular table) for 150 + 50 people =  200 people
– concert seating (rows of chairs) for 250 people
– cocktail reception or trade event capacity (standing) 250 people


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