Kesäkurssit 2022

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Simo Vassinen and Roope Mokka: Bodytalk

Rave future studies, 18 – 19 June Photo Maria F. Scaroni Photo Maria F. Scaroni Enter the future with the wisdom of nightlife Join us for a one-day and one-night exploration of futures thinking through the physicality of nightlife. Our common future seems dystopian for

Gabriele Marotta: Plate to plate

Non-digital silk-screen printing, 8 – 10 June / 15 – 17 June Our living surroundings are saturated with imagery, displayed and imprinted on every surface and material. While platforms, tools and services abound to partake in this happy mayhem, coming to know image ex- and

Nanni Vapaavuori: Midsummer Nighshifts

Nocturnal light works, 20 – 22 June / 23 – 25 June / 27 – 29 June Photo @JaakkoSavela Photo @JaakkoSavela Among the most striking aspects in the architecture of Paimio Sanatorium is the role sunlight is given in the design. Seen as a counterforce to the dust and dirt of

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