“Rooms at Paimio Sanatorium” summer exhibition opens for public 19th June 2021

Before visiting the exhibition, it is possible to participate an introduction tour, which starts every equal hour.


“Rooms at Paimio Sanatorium” exhibition is an experiential exhibition of the architecture, furniture and community of the Paimio Sanatorium, its isolated everyday life. While visiting the exhibition, visitor can throw himself into a hospital bed from the 1930s and try to listen if Alvar Aalto’s “silent sink” is as quiet as promised. The guest can get acquainted with the thinking of the young architects Aino and Alvar Aalto and with the partners the sanatorium was realized. Colors in the rooms and corridors are a true exceptional experience. How the white shell frames the building is magical.


Introduction tour

Introduction tour of Paimio Sanatorium in the summer of 2021 will take the visitor along the yellow staircase up to the sun terrace, which offers a magical view far into the horizon.
After visiting the terrace, the visitor can visit the “Rooms at Paimio Sanatorium” exhibition on the first floor, as well as the original 1930s and later 1970s hospital rooms.

Tour duration: 45 min


Architectural path

An architectural path signposted to guests is planned around the main building. When following the path the visitor can view the sanatorium from new angles, dive into the past for a moment with the help of old photographs, or spot unusual details. The crosses of the path include short information strokes and photographs with QR codes, that can be scanned from the signs.


Nature trail, Paimio sanatorium trail

The Paimio Sanatorium nature trail starts from the Chief Physician’s apartment, close to the parking lot of the current Preitilä kindergarten. The trail takes the visitor to the sanatorium’s fairytale forest, where a clear-water creek is bubbling amidst mossy rocks. The path passes a small pumping station designed by Alvar Aalto. The pumping station is still in operation and still provides irrigation water for the sanatorium garden.
The trail is 2.2 kilometers long. Visitors should note that, there is one difficult section on the way, right after the pumping station sign. A campfire place is along the trail, so grilling can also be part of the program, when visiting the Paimio sanatorium. Firewood is not available on behalf of the sanatorium.



The summer at Paimio sanatorium welcomes its guests with joy.


Paimio Sanatorium is celebrating its 90th anniversary!

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