Paimio Sanatorium summer workshops 2022

Paimio Sanatorium begins the first edition of our summer workshop program with a four-part set of opportunities to get in-depth into the thinking and processes of design and reflective production. Conceived and hosted by a group of internationally renowned practitioners from different fields of the creative universe, each workshop takes on different conditions of today’s built environment and culture and seeks to find and practice together with you new capacities for working positively in these times of related crises.

We warmly welcome you to try new ways to see and to work with your hands, to think beyond digital routines, to find again the subtle force of sunlight in our buildings, to form and produce beyond plastics and to re-connect our bodies in thinking together toward a new tomorrow.

To make participation possible for as many as will like to join, all workshops are offered in two pricing options: One including single-room accommodation together with breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the workshop periods, and one including participation and a bed to lay your head. Naturally, all the facilities and services on site are open to all workshop participants.

Please dive into the details of all four of our workshops through the links below and register quickly through the provided links. And should you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

The whole Paimio Sanatorium crew is looking forward to start doing and thinking with you!

Paimio Sanatorium summer workshop program 2022