Simo Vassinen and Roope Mokka: Bodytalk

Rave future studies, 18 – 19 June

Every revolution and social trans­formation has had its art form. We believe that ours should be dance.  

Can we turn to movement to help ourselves verbalize new thoughts? Can thoughts inform movement? The Bodytalk project examines the crossing points of futures research, rave culture and contemporary dance practices with the core idea that the active meditation, hypnotic dancing alone in a group, community mindset, and monotonous beats we know from underground nightlife can and should be combined with social imagination, to create real lasting social change.

Our methodology merges rave culture and techno music, self-managed community projects, high-energy fitness and dancing, and psychoanalysis with tools of futures research, such as roadmapping and scenario work. 

The two-day workshop continues the group’s previous experiments in 2020 and 2021 at Kiasma Museum, Helsinki, the Ponderosa Dance Center near Berlin, the international UNTITLED Futures Festival, and several online initiatives.

Simo Vassinen and Roope Mokka: About the hosts

Simo Vassinen is a German-born Finnish performer-choreo­gra­pher, journalist, and translator with a background in futu­res re­search. Working auto-didactically with dance since 2014, his work has been shown at Uferstudios, Delphi Theater, Sophien­saele Tanztage, STATE Arts & Science Festival in Berlin, and Kiasma Museum in Helsinki, and performed with renowned dance­makers like Matanicola and Frank Willens.

Vassinen’s first solo choreography was voted to the top ten of Germany’s Best Dance Solo. In 2018, he received the City of Berlin’s new­comer funding in performing arts and has since received public support in both Germany and Finland for his artistic work. As a writer Vassinen has contributed to publi­cations like Monocle
and Helsingin Sanomat, and his dance-based tools for thinking processes are used by collaborators such as Goethe Institut and think tank Demos Helsinki.


Roope Mokka is the founder of think tank Demos Helsinki, an artist, futurist, and urbanist with focus on social transformation. Combining futures thinking and artistic methods, Mokka’s work has been com­mis­sioned by Helsinki Festivals and the world’s largest participatory culture festival, Burning Man. Mokka is one of the leading authorities in social transitions, which he has studied for over twenty years across contexts and discip­lines. Mokka’s art is typically performative, ritualistic, and conceptual.

He is an active member of the art group Unpublished Foundation, which he founded with painter Sami Lukkarinen in 2019, and Bodytalk, founded with dance artists Simo Vassinen and Maria F. Scaroni in 2020. Mokka was a member of the urban performance group Länsiväylä from 2005 to 2010 and has been active in the underground rave and club world as a programmer, organiser and DJ since the mid-90s.

Workshop details

Bodytalk is a one-night workshop that will take place from Saturday, 18 – Sunday, 19 June.

Participation will be from Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning. The detailed workshop schedule will be announced soon on this page.


Finnish and English

Participation requirements

Bodytalk is open for everyone upward from 18 years of age.

Participation and pricing options

There are two participation packages: Those willing to share accommodation and organize their food themselves can choose the participation + crash package. Those who wish to have single-room accommodation provided together with a free dinner on Saturday evening and a Sunday morning breakfast at Restaurant Toivo can choose the single room + full board option.

The per person package prices are:

Participation + crash: 125 €

Includes a bed in a shared apartment with shared shower, shared or individual bathroom (depending on the apartment) and basic equipment to prepare food.

Participation + single room + full board: 275 €

Includes accommodation in a single-room apartment with individual bathroom, shower and kitchen, as well as dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday.


To take part in the workshop, please send us your contact information, the indication of your preferred workshop time(s), whether or not you like us to book accommodation and food for you in addition to your workshop participation, as well as any questions you have and anything else that would be good for us to know, via the registration button below.

Registration is open until one week before the workshop, so please apply by Friday, 11 June.

Confirmation and payment

Once confirmed by us, your registration is your binding commitment to participate in the workshop you have selected. However, a minimum number of registrations will be required for the workshop to be realized. Once we receive the minimum amount of registrations, we will contact you with the invoice for your participation fee. You will not be asked to pay anything before we send you the participation fee invoice.


For questions regarding the workshop or the registration process, please get in touch with the curator of the summer workshop programme, Martin Born: