Nanni Vapaavuori: Midsummer Nighshifts

Nocturnal light works, 20 – 22 June / 23 – 25 June / 27 – 29 June

Photo @JaakkoSavela

Photo @JaakkoSavela

Among the most striking aspects in the architecture of Paimio Sanatorium is the role sunlight is given in the design. Seen as a counterforce to the dust and dirt of the early 20th century city from where the plague of tuberculosis was thought to arise, natural light made up a central energy in the sanatorium’s healing agenda.

Taking inspiration from the reclined position that convalescents spent most of their time here in, and the strong interrelation of the Sanatorium’s interiors with the changing light envelope of the Finnish year, Midsummer Nighshifts is a hands-on opportunity to study how the surfaces that surround us mediate our connection with our outdoors surroundings.The project reinvests patient rooms and reception areas, lounges, balconies and corridors by taking benefit from the spaces of the building and its history of laying. The residency takes place during the June zenith with its sleepless nights and the blurring of boundaries between the interiors and the exteriors.

The Midsummer Nightshifts are two-night stays at the Sanatorium’s main building during which participants will explore the building in its different parts, and use different natural materials, including beeswax, sea salt and wool to filter, cast back and affect in other ways the dimming twilight. Inhabiting, dozing, sleeping and snacking, the visitors get a chance to occupy the Sanatorium’s iconic main building over the twilights of white nights.

Participants will leave all electronical devices before entering the dormitory wing. On the ward, they are relying on the day light only – or in this case, on the nocturnal light.

Nanni Vapaavuori: About the host

Nanni Vapaavuori works with light and space, with contextual conditions and circumstantial relationships, and in hands-on cooperation with the tactile materiality and material of light. As a lighting designer she has worked widely across the field of performing arts, particularly in contemporary dance contexts both in Finland and abroad, and as a creator of light installations. In addition to works presented on performing arts stages, Nanni has brought different forms of dance and theatre to museums and galleries. Currently Nanni is a doctoral candidate at the Performing Arts Research Centre at the University of the Arts Helsinki, where she investigates what kind of forms lighting design can take if the visual is not its primary register.

Midsummer Nightshifts is supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Workshop details

Midsummer Nightshifts is a three-day / two-night workshop that we offer four times:

Workshop 1: Monday, 20 June – Wednesday, 22 June
Workshop 2: Thursday, 23 June – Saturday, 25 June
Workshop 3: Monday, 27 June – Wednesday, 29 June

The participation time is from the evening of the first to the morning of the last workshop day. The detailed workshop schedule will be announced shortly on this page.


Finnish and English

Participation requirements

Midsummer Nighshifts is open for everyone aged 18 years and up.

Participation and pricing options

There are two participation packages: Those willing to share accommodation and organize their food themselves can choose the participation + crash package. Those who wish to have single-room accommodation provided together with free breakfast, lunch and dinner at Restaurant Toivo during the workshop period can choose the single room + full board option.

The per person package prices are:

Participation + crash: 350 €

Includes a bed in a shared apartment with shared shower, shared or individual bathroom (depending on the apartment) and basic equipment to prepare food.

Participation + single room + full board: 590 €

Includes accommodation in a single-room apartment with individual bathroom, shower and kitchen, as well as two breakfasts, one lunch and one dinner during the workshop days.


To take part in the workshop, please send us your contact information, the indication of your preferred workshop time(s), whether or not you like us to book accommodation and food for you in addition to your workshop participation, as well as any questions you have and anything else that would be good for us to know, via the registration button below.

Registration is open until one week before the first day of each workshop:

For workshop 1, apply by Monday, 13 June
For workshop 2, apply by Thursday, 16 June
For workshop 3, apply by Monday, 20 June

Confirmation and payment

Once confirmed by us, your registration is your binding commitment to participate in the workshop you have selected. However, a minimum number of registrations will be required for the workshop to be realized. Once we receive the minimum amount of registrations, we will contact you with the invoice for your participation fee. You will not be asked to pay anything before we send you the participation fee invoice.


For questions regarding the workshop or the registration process, please get in touch with the curator of the summer workshop programme, Martin Born:

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